How to Try a Spirit

How to Try a Spirit

January 16, 2023 0 By Joyce VFM

Knowing how to try a spirit is important to prevent you from being deceived by the evil one. The devil and sinful fallen angels are liars, so you need to learn how to test them and know their true nature. You must ask them one question, as instructed in the Bible, and see if they answer the question truthfully. Specifically, ask them if they confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God in the flesh.

Tests to see if a person possesses the Holy Spirit

When you want to find out if someone has the Holy Spirit, there are a few things you should look for. First, you should be aware of the Bible’s definition of the Holy Spirit. It is more than a force; it is a Person. Scripture calls the Holy Spirit a person because He speaks and searches (2 Sam. 23:2) and gives people gifts. It also has a mind and intelligence.

In addition to the physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit, one way to determine if someone has the Spirit is by asking how they respond to God’s Word. The Holy Spirit leads people to love God and the true Word. However, false prophets will give lip service to this, but their priorities are elsewhere. If they preach false gospels, you should be very wary.

Once someone accepts Christ as their personal Lord, they receive the Holy Spirit. They must first believe in their heart and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Once this is done, they are “born of the Spirit.” This means they have the ability to love others, study the Bible, and do good deeds.

The Holy Spirit’s works are the most concrete and conclusive evidence of His personality. Without examining the nature of these works, we cannot correctly interpret the Scriptures. This is why it’s important to ask people if they have the Holy Spirit. If a person is possessed of the Spirit, he will do more good. He will help others be godly and live righteous lives.

The Holy Spirit has attributes of a person, including intelligence. Scripture also says that the Holy Spirit has sovereign and moral will, and He bestows spiritual gifts on those who ask for them. His works are proof that He has the mind of a person. These traits are indicative of normal personality functions.

Tests to see if a person possesses a false prophet or teacher

There are a number of symptoms that indicate the existence of a false teacher or prophet. They include an unhealthy interest in controversies over words and terminologies, which reflects a lack of faith. These people may also exhibit traits like envy, which means an intense resentment for other people’s success or gifts. They only want to be great themselves, and they hate it when others succeed. In contrast, Christ taught us that to be great we must become humble and serve others.

In our modern culture, false prophets are growing more prevalent. Because of our craving for easy religion and freedom from consequences, many teachers and preachers are eager to spread their false teachings. This includes prosperity preachers, teachers who deny the concept of eternity, and religious leaders who teach earn-your-way-to-heaven efforts. It is vital that we understand the signs of a false prophet or teacher so that we can avoid them and protect the body of Christ.

Tests to see if what is being taught is in line with the clear teaching of the Bible

If you want to know whether what is being taught in your church is in line with what the Bible says, you have to know what the Bible actually teaches. Generally, when it comes to the Bible, we come into it with preconceived ideas. This causes us to latch onto scriptures that support our ideas, and ignore clear verses that contradict them.